About Us

The SAFE HP adventure, and the first S.A.F.E Horseshoes, is inseparable from the arrival of Charly in our lives, as it is primarily for him that the horseshoes were developed. 

With the arrival of Charly, a 3-year-old Franche-Montagne, a question arises regarding hoof management: shod or barefoot?

Just a week after his arrival, a compromise solution was chosen: flexible horseshoes.

Among the dozens of options available, the choice is made for an Australian model. In order to reduce costs associated with importing, we search for other clients in France through the manufacturer, who offers us the opportunity to become a distributor for Europe. After just a few months, in the spring of 2019, these Australian shoes, manufactured in China, are out of stock in Australia for Charly's size, and inevitably in France in the following months. Quickly, the first idea is to temporarily address this by creating a local "copy" of that size.

As things progress, the necessary step of digital modeling leads to considering the feedback from farriers, owners, and also equine podiatrists interested in flexible horseshoes.

From there, the creation of a copy transforms into the design of a completely different model based on these exchanges: the S.A.F.E. Horseshoes are born. The name corresponds to the acronym of Scalables, Adaptables, Flexibles and Ethicals Horseshoes. The different adjectives correspond to the values we uphold: authenticity, listening, ethics, and concern for the well-being of the horse.

The first pair of S.A.F.E horseshoes was fitted on Charly'feet in the autumn of 2019.

The fourth version was released at the end of 2022 and has since become the reference version, fully refined after the addition of grip on the foot side face in early 2024.

In the summer of 2023, S.A.F.E Horseshoes becomes SAFE HP in order to continue and expand innovation in the service of equine well-being and performance.