Our core values :

  • The pursuit of equine well-being: a significant number of horses require or benefit from improved comfort with foot protection. These protections should also respect the functioning of the foot structures (soles, hoof boots... and SAFE HP horseshoes in particular 😉).
  • Innovation and development: constantly working to improve things, evolve them for the better, explore new uses, and find new solutions.
  • Authenticity and transparency in our interactions with you, owners, and professionals: we do not sell dreams, we do not make claims that have not been validated. During the development phases, we did not hide the areas for improvement, why and how to temporarily work around them when possible.

This is the essence of our ethics, the values of SAFE HP, and it is also reflected in our actions: a commitment to making the SAFE HP horseshoes accessible to as many people as possible, which also leads to the choice of working in a short supply chain. Another important choice is to maintain French production, and even very local production, with the horseshoes being 100% made in Isère, from design to manufacturing! Lastly, offering high-quality horseshoes allows for cost-effective use through the reuse of the horsehoes over multiple "shoeing" cycles.

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