Flexible Horseshoes

Let their feet do the work
with the protection they need!

Steel horseshoe or barefoot ?
Keep the advantages of both !

Well-being and performance

The SAFE HP horseshoe provides comfort and protection for enhanced performance.

Natural functioning of the horse feet

Our horseshoes allows the foot to function like a barefoot, including mobility in all dimensions.

Reusable and recyclable

The average lifespan is around twenty weeks on the hooves which amounts to over 3 shoeing cycles. At the end of its life, the horseshoes can be recycled for other purposes. 

Wide range of sizes

The horseshoes are available for foot widths ranging from 85mm to 220mm (size 100 to 220). Other sizes can be considered.

Are you a horse's owner?


"No foot, no horse."
The frog support allows for optimal blood flow in the foot and limb.


The SAFE HP horseshoes are suitable for all disciplines, at all levels, from leisure to high level, from Eventing to driving, including endurance, Show Jumping, dressage, TREC, and long-distance rides.


Our horseshoes are compatible with herd life, pasture, stalls, pasture/stalls, or even active stable.


 Our horseshoes can be fitted with standard competition studs (default diameter M10)..

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Are you a farrier?
We accompany the evolution of farriery


No need for special training or tools.
A hoof nipper and a rasp are sufficient! The high adaptability of the horseshoe allows for quick adjustment to the needs of the foot.


In addition to saving time,
save on forge gas consumption.


No more forge smoke and hot shoeing fumes.
Reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by avoiding forge work (even for leisure purposes!).

Nailed ou glued

The SAFE HP horseshoes can be applied using standard nails or glued (exclusive system - patent pending).

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